IPL and Frax

IPL and Frax

IPL and Frax are two procedures that are intended to give you clearer and smoother skin. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Which on will you need?

IPL is light based and uses short bursts of high-energy to penetrate the skin. IPL addresses a range of issues such as unwanted hair, blood vessels like spider veins, and brown spots. In addition, IPL can help rejuvenate the skin and remove several types of hyperpigmentation. IPL is used for the treatment of wrinkles, though laser ae better for this, and it does take several sessions to see your desired results. IPL is non-invasive, but does have side effects of peeling, dryness, swelling, redness, and hyperpigmentation in darker skin.

Frax is a fractional laser treatment. The laser uses a C02 laser to stimulate collagen production, smooth wrinkles and reduce the appearance of some types of scars. Frax also breaks up skin pigment to remove brown spots and other types of hyperpigmentation. It also is great for hair removal. It can take three to six sessions to achieve results with Frax, and sessions are a bit expensive. You will need about one to two days of recovery time after a session, but you can return to daily activities in about 48 hours.

Both IPL and Frax are great treatments, but if you have darker skin, Frax is better. You are less likely to experience skin discoloration from Frax and the laser will work better for removing hair from dark skin tones.

If you have light skin, IPL is the best option. You may need more session with IPL but it removes skin discoloration and pigmentation on lighter skin. If you are looking to reduce wrinkles and minimize scars, Frax is the best choice for all skin types. Lasers have always proven to be great in reducing wrinkles and minimizing scars.

Discuss both treatments with your skincare professional to determine what treatment is best for your needs.


IPL uses pulses of adjustable light waves to remove rosacea, broken vessels, and acne. It can also remove age spots, and other types of hyper pigmentation.

Frax is the brand name for a types of laser treatments. Frax is a CO2 laser that stimulates collagen production to reduce scars and smooth wrinkles. It also works on skin pigments and removes brown and sunspots.

IPL treatment can be used on almost any skin type and erases the damage of sun and side effects are quickly resolved.

Usually, three to five treatments are necessary for most people to see results from IPL.

Your first treatment with Frax will give you huge benefits but depending on your concerns and goals you may need two to three treatments to see significant improvements.

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